Professor in Political Science and Computer and Information Science

David Lazer

Networked Governance: Publications List

Research Areas: 

K. Esterling, M. Neblo, and D. Lazer, Connecting to Constituents: The Diffusion of Representation Practices among Congressional Websites, Political Research Quarterly, forthcoming.

M. Binz-Scharf, D. Lazer, and I. Mergel,  Searching for answers: Networks of Practice among Public Administrators. American Review of Public Administration, 41(2), 2012: 202-225.

 D. Lazer, I. Mergel, C. Ziniel, K. Esterling, and M. Neblo, “The multiple institutional logics of innovation,” International Public Management Journal, 14, 2011: 311-340.

 I. Mergel, D. Lazer, and M. Binz-Scharf, “Lending a helping hand:  Voluntary engagement in knowledge sharing in a network of professionals,” International Journal of Learning and Change 3(1), 2008.